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Kingturn RPG

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A propos

  • Note globale 4.8 (250 avis)
  • Concepteur Mangobile
  • Installations 1 000 - 5 000
  • Mise à jour
  • Catégorie Jeux d'arcade et d'action
  • Version / Taille 2.01 / 9,4M


Kingturn RPG is an addictive turn-based fantasy strategy RPG with a depth rarely found on mobile platforms.

It combines outpost conquering with tactical combat and a complex unit skill system.
Embedded in a compelling medieval fantasy story with quirky characters, the player can delve into this old school tactics RPG for many hours.

Thanks to its zooming functionality the game is perfectly suited for both tablets (HD) and phones.

If you are new to our RPG series, you might want to watch the video tutorial first:

If you have been playing our previous fantasy SRPG titles Knighturn RPG or Sw&Ear - Tales of Andaria, you can find a description of Kingturn RPG's new features here:

Offline Strategy RPG
No additional fees

Game play
- 40+ hours of addictive and challenging game play in 67 scenarios

- A skirmish campaign with many additional scenarios

- 30 character classes like Knight, Archer, Mage, Paladin, Assassin, Warrior, Wolf Rider, Priest, Summoner, Trickster, Witch, Necromancer, Vampire, Ghost, Griffin ...

- 60 character skills like 'Heal', 'Stealth', 'Lighning Bolt', 'Living Bomb', 'Inferno', 'Whirlwind', 'Raise Undead', 'Drain Life', 'Blood Bolt', 'Firestorm', 'Spin Attack', 'Arrow Hail', ...

- More than 700 items (weapons, armor, amulets, rings)

- Battle drops, treasure chests, and scenario rewards

- Conquer outposts and face a challenging enemy AI (Artificial Intelligence)

- Level up an army which is carried over from scenario to scenario

The young mage and scholar Nicolette becomes the new ruler of the earldom of Montbelliard after her lord-father has passed away peacefully.
Having not come of age, yet, Nicolette finds herself unprepared for the games of power played by the other noble houses.
Surrounded by enemies and with the prospect of marrying an unknown noble for political reasons only, her fate takes its course ...

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Nouvelles fonctionnalités de cette version :

- Fixed a glitch where less items were offered at the item merchant past character lvl 15
- Grammar issues fixed in prologue scenario 102
- Level cap removed (now Lvl 99)
- New prologue scenario added (scene 102) and some prologue scenarios overhauled
- Several main campaign scenarios modified to make them more challenging respectively less difficult (Scene 8, 9, 13, 16, 103, 107, 113, 121, 123, 201)
- Skeletons can use Spin Attack now (like in Kingturn Plus and Underworld)



Kingturn RPG Kingturn RPG Kingturn RPG Kingturn RPG Kingturn RPG Kingturn RPG Kingturn RPG

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3,49 € - Acheter

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